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Tips For Dealing With Dog Fur Mats

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Mats in your dog's fur aren't just unsightly; they can also lead to discomfort and skin disorders. Some dogs have slick, smooth fur that rarely mats, while others seem to be especially mat-prone. If your dog falls into the latter category, the following pet care tips can help you avoid unnecessary matting:

Tip #1: Set up a brushing schedule

Regular brushing is the single most important thing you can do to prevent fur mats. Dogs with thick or curly hair that mats easily will generally require a daily brushing. Dogs that aren't quite as susceptible to mats probably only require weekly brushing. Even dogs that rarely get mats should be brushed at least once every week or two, just to ensure their skin is in healthy condition and that no tangles have formed.

Tip #2: Use the right technique

The right brushing technique is a must. Start by choosing a wire dog brush, since these work best at working out mats. Then, begin by brushing a small section at a time. Lift the dog's fur in this section with one hand so you can see the base of the hairs. Press the brush into the fur and gently brush toward the tip of the hair. Next, move on to the section above this first section and repeat the process. Continue until you have finished brushing the entire dog.

Tip #3: Know when to cut

A bad tangle may be too difficult to work out, especially if it is causing your dog pain when you try. In this case, don't worry about how it will look and simply cut out the mat. To do so safely, Insert a comb between your dog's body and the mat. Cut between the mat and the comb so there is no chance of accidentally cutting your dog. If your dog is fidgety, enlist the help of someone else to keep the pooch calm and distracted while you work.

Tip #4: Get professional help

If your dog's mats are extensive or you just can't seem to keep them under control, you may need professional help. Sometimes it is best to start from scratch and have your dog groomed and the matted hair completely trimmed off. If your dog gets more mats then you can manage, sometimes having their coat thinned or shortened can handle the issue.

Talk to a pet care provider like Pet Medical Center Of Vero Beach or a groomer for more help in managing your dog's fur issues.